OPEL ASTRA OPEL ASTRA J 1.4i Turbo (120Hp-140Hp)

2010 and later

ASTRA J Downpipe Ø63 mm for 1.4i Turbo (120-140Hp) 2010-

substitutes standard catalyst, allows to essentially decrease resistances to the flow of exhaust gases for improvement of dynamic characteristics, increase of power and torque.

Diameter of detail - 63 mm. Totally compatible to original exhaust system.

Downpipe Brondex Ø63 mm for OPEL ASTRA J 1.4i Turbo (120Hp - 140Hp) 2010-   is entirely made of high-quality stainless steel by the means of the welding by TIG technique in argon medium.

• Diameter 63mm., wall thickness 2mm;

• Complete high-quality stainless steel (AISI 304);

• Double-sided welding of flanges and most loaded joints;

• Oxygen sensor ports by standard scheme;

• 100% OEM fit, easy to replace factory part;

• All the necessary fasteners are in set;

This product can be also used for:

OPEL ASTRA J 1.4i Turbo (120Hp - 140Hp) 2010- ;

OPEL ASTRA J GTC 1.4i Turbo (120Hp - 140Hp) 2011-;

OPEL ASTRA J 1.6i Turbo (180 Hp) 2010-;

OPEL ASTRA J GTC 1.6i Turbo (180 Hp) 2011-;

OPEL ASTRA J GTC 1.6i Turbo (200 Hp) 2013-

It is recommended to wrap-around the downpipe with thermo-insulating tape before the use.

The imitator of oxygen sensor will be possibly needed.

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